2 Locations

OnlineMetals is growing! Here are the mailing addresses for our 2 existing warehouses:

1138 West Ewing
Seattle, WA 98119
8001 ThyssenKrupp Parkway
Northwood, OH 43619

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Additional Questions we think you might ask:

Will I have to change the way that I order?
Not at all! Our system knows which facilities to ship from. So rest assured that your order will be shipped out in the most efficient way possible.

Does this mean that you'll stock more material?
Heck yeah! We just gained about a zillion extra square feet of storage space. We have to use at least part of that for new stuff. Visit the New Products page, or our blog for a list of new materials as they're added.

Whoop de do, I'm on the west coast!
First, that's not a question?but we see what you're getting at. Think about it: west coast customers have Seattle's undivided attention now! Your order's going out faster than ever.

Does this mean "Same Day Shipping" on all orders? (Minus the "by noon" part?)
Probably...but if we post that on the website, our office manager will go berserk! She's a firm believer in "Under Promise, Over Deliver."

Do you have another question? If so, give us a call. (800) 704-2157. (E-mails are welcome too.)

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