Coupons and Promotional Discounts

As part of our marketing efforts, we issue promotional discounts (coupons) to our customers. We do not like legalese, but we do have a couple of rules that we use for applying these coupons:
  1. Except where specifically noted, our coupon discounts apply to all of the products on your order (we may occaisionally issue discounts for a certain type of material, such as stainless steel).
  2. Discounts are applied to the list price of materials only, not to shipping or cutting fees.
  3. The discounts are applied IN ADDITION TO any normal discounts that you might receive, such as the 5% discount you recieve for being a registered user of the site.
  4. Promotional discounts are only applied if you place the order through our website, not if you call or fax the order in to us.
  5. Promotional Discount Codes are generated and based on your e-mail address. Both the code and your email address must match in order for the code to be accepted.
  6. There is a limit of one promotional code per order.