OnlineMetals' patented
"Cut Away!" Metal Repair Spray

A product that allows you to instantly repair and reverse any mistakes you've made while cutting your material.

The Details:

We've all done it. Measured 12-3/4, walked to the saw, got distracted singing along with our favorite REO Speedwagon song on the radio, and then cut 12-1/4.

"Dang it!"

So now what! Do you reorder a new piece of material?

No! Go to the toolbox, grab OnlineMetals Cut Away! Spray, and put that piece of metal right back together.

Just spray, and the cut goes away!

*** can neither confirm nor deny the prior use of this product on materials that you've got in your shopping basket right now.

And that's not all:

Do you have two 9" pieces of aluminum laying around the shop, but your project calls for 18"? Simply press those two pieces of aluminum together, spray "Cut Away" on the seam, and instantly, you've got a solid 18" piece of metal that you can use right away!

But wait, there's more:

If you order now, we'll throw in last year's best selling product: The MetalDhruker, for just the cost of shipping and handling.

2 great products for one low low price! So order now!

(April Fools! Make it a fun and festive day...and use the discount code CutAway for 10% off today's order!)

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