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You Gizmos is devoted to the art of concept practice. It could be a strange new mechanism, a huge boat, a miniature steam engine. It can be a trebuchet, a sling shot for water balloons or a clock that runs on buckets of sand, or even a potato launcher. It's the act of thinking of something new as well as rendering it in wood, metal, plastic, ice, you name it. You Gizmos is for serious artisans that have studied their craft for decades, as well as those who are just getting into the game. On YouGizmos you can see and download, and buy and sell CAD drawings, part files, papers on techniques of all manners and much more!

  Baer Marketing Network

Offering website design and B2B Internet marketing for manufacturing related companies, contractors, small service oriented companies, professional businesses and a variety of other companies.


Search and Post Jobs Online! Whether you're are looking for a job or an employee, Jobwerx.com will locate what you have in mind. The fastest and best way to change your career or help to change someone else's future.


An online community for owners and enthusiasts of choppers, custom built and otherwise modified bikes.

  Medford Tools

Featuring top quality tubing benders and notchers manufactured specifically for professional metal fabricators, race car builders, and industry machine shops.

  Carter Tools

Nick Carter's collection of web pages. Including technical support, project ideas, articles, pictures and links to all pages on the internet related to the Taig machines and their use.

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