OnlineMetals' 100% Organic Metals

That's right! We're pleased to offer the only USDA, FDA, NOP, FSIS, FBI, CIA, CBS, TKMNA, OLM and XYZ-PDQ Certified & Inspected materials in the industry!

Free Range, Farm Raised, Whole Grain, Vegan, Prime Cut, and humanely processed metals and plastics!

The Details:

On a farm outside of Seattle Washington, the OnlineMetals team grows only the best in metals, plastics, composites and more.

We go to great lengths to ensure freshness and quality, so that you can be assured that the metals and plastics you're cutting, drilling, filing, and machining today had a happy upbringing.

Some companies offer MTR's. We send birth certificates and baby pictures, as well as video of your materials growing up, for a small additional charge.

You'll get the unparalleled experience of watching your materials as they toddle about on unsteady legs (angle and channel only), before we cut them down in their prime (video also available, but we require a release stating that you're over 18 years old) to deliver them to you.


Our dedication to quality doesn't end at the farm. OnlineMetals takes its packaging seriously too! Your material will be shrink wrapped, custom cut, taste tested, kid inspected, and mother approved.

So do what's right:

Be sure to also check out our other innovative products - the Metaldhruker (the world's first print-at-home metals printer), and Cut-Away Metal Spray, for when measuring twice seems like too much effort.

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