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6AL-4V Round Bar (ELI)

6AL-4V Round Bar (ELI)

6AL-4V ELI Titanium Round Rods are used wherever light weight, high strength, increased toughness, and high corrosion resistance are needed. Substantially harder than Grade 2 titanium, 6AL-4V ELI Titanium Round Rods are recommended to be machined with slow speeds and high lubrication.

Properties: Extra-low interstitial (ELI) indicates that it is a higher-purity of 6AL-4V Titanium. Superior toughness to fracture and fatigue cracking, particularly in very cold, cryogenic temperatures.

Common Uses: the ELI addition makes the metal very suitable for many medical applications. 

Refer to our "Guide to Titanium" for grades, shapes and various properties.