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All of our Brass Tubing is yellow. It comes in C260, C270 or C272.

Here is a great idea for Brass tubing - Some of our customers have made hand rails for home and office. Others have used the product for foot rests on their bars and sitting areas. One very creative customer used the Brass tubing for a slide pole in his home like the old time fire stations used to have. Call us if you need assistance or suggestions. Thanks for using OnlineMetals.com


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Please note that OnlineMetals.com will only guarantee OD and WALL measurements. ID (inside diameter) measurements are by reference only, and are therefore approximate!

A brief discussion of the difference between pipe and tube:
  • Pipe is generally more rigid than tube, and is usually produced in heavier wall thicknesses.
  • Pipe is specified by a nominal dimension which bears little or no resemblance to the actual dimensions of the pipe. 1" Schedule 40 pipe, for instance, has an actual OD of 1.32", a wall of 0.133", and an inner diameter of 1.049". Tube dimensions are actual dimensions.
  • Pipe fittings are sized to meet pipe sizes, but not tube sizes. A 1" schedule 40 nipple will fit correctly on a 1" schedule 40 pipe, but not on a 1" OD tube.
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