Aluminum Tube - Round

What's the difference between pipe and tube?
The way it’s measured and the applications it’s being used for.

Pipes are passageways. Tubes are structural.
A pipe is generally measured by inside diameter or ID.(IE: You could roll a 2" golf ball through a 2" NOM pipe.) Tube, on the other hand, is measured by Outside Diameter. (So your golf ball would have the same O.D. as the 2" tube.)

    We're now carrying three grades of aluminum tube:

  • 6061 is a medium strength alloy used for most general-purpose applications. it is more corrosion-resistant than 2024. It is also easier to weld than 2024.
  • 2024 is a high-strength alloy most often used in aerospace applications. It has a yield strength that is roughly 10 percent higher and an ultimate strength of roughly 50 percent higher than 6061.
  • 6063 is often called architectural aluminum, because it's surface is smoother than others, but it's not as strong as 6061.

View the "Aluminum Guide" for grades, shapes & various properties.

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