Cold Finish Stainless Hex 15-5 Annealed

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1.25" 15-5 STAINLESS HEX

Weight/lineal foot: 4.5988 pounds

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Dim. Name Value
Across Flats 1.25"
Dim. Name Plus Minus
Across Flats 0" 0.006"
Technical Information

This material meets the following specs:
AMS 2300

Sorry - it looks like we don't have any mechanical property data for this material at this time. Check back soon - we are adding information as quickly as we can.
Chemistry information for alloy 15-5 Stainless
Element Percentage
C 0.07 max
Cr 14.8
Cu 3.5
Fe 75
Mn 1 max
Nb + Ta 0.3
Ni 4.5
P 0.04 max
S 0.03 max
Si 1 max

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