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Standard 304 Expanded Sheet

Standard 304 Expanded Sheet

Stainless Steel Expanded Sheet T-304 Standard contains diamond-shaped trusses that have strands and bonds that add strength and rigidity. Made from a one piece construction, it won’t unravel, and under normal circumstances will hold its shape for many years. Stainless steel expanded 304 is often used for architectural details, ventilating, furniture, and security applications. 

Properties: high corrosion resistance, superior durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, fair resistance to thermal and electrical conductivity, ease of fabrication, ease of cleaning, hardenable by cold working, and non-magnetic.

Common Uses: architectural details, ventilation, furniture, security applications, walls, windows, caging, walkways, catwalks, ramps, platforms, and stair treads.

Refer to our "Guide to STAINLESS" for grades, shapes and various properties.