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430 Stainless Sheet

430 Stainless Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet T-430 (...) is notable for having a corrosion resistance similar to nickel stainless steels when exposed to atmospheric and mildly corrosive environments. 430 stainless steel sheet is best suited for exterior and interior applications where corrosion resistance hold higher importance than strength.

Properties: Is not hardenable, excellent corrosion resistance to mildly corrosive environments, oxidation resistant in high temperatures, magnetic, high strength, easily drawn, bent, formed and worked.

Common uses: sinks, sink rims, kitchen appliances, stairs, automotive trim, mufflers, heaters, gutters, roofing panels, moldings, countertops, combustion chambers, scientific apparatuses, oil refinery equipment, and ornamental work.

Refer to our "Guide to STAINLESS" for grades, shapes and various properties.