Print Your Metal At Home

The Details:

We can get orders out "Same Day!" We can ship "Next Day Air!" We are 100% dedicated to getting your order out quickly...but for some, quickly isn't fast enough!

So why not get it immediately, through our new "PRINT THIS METAL" option. Look for this button on pages throughout the site.

Click it to send your entire metal order to your home printer. (OnlineMetals' patented print technology coverts basic paper and ink into Sheet, Bar, Pipe, Tube, Flat stock and more...right there in your living room, or home office.)

The world's first print at home metal printer!
Don't have a printer? Why not buy one of ours! The MetalDhruker is an OnlineMetals exclusive system...which allows you to place and print your order instantly. It'll even print those hard to find metals such as Uranium, Cranium, and Unobtanium. (And our latest addition to the list: Alumisteelyplasticopper!)

No matter how you use this new feature, we want you to remember that OnlineMetals is the only company willing to break the laws of physics to bring you better, faster, weirder customer serviceā€¦and only the bestest metal and plastic products in the whole wide world!

Want more details on the MetalDhruker? Check out our blog post to see the story behind the world's first print-at-home metals service center.

(April Fools! Make it a fun and festive one...and use the discount code APRILFOOLS for 10% off today's order!)

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