Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy consists of the following points:

  • We probably hate spam more than you do.
  • We do not rent, sell, or otherwise make available our customer lists and/or contact information to anyone outside of our company.
  • We do occasionally e-mail our customers to let them know of offers or news directly related to our business. You have the option to remove yourself from the list at any time.
  • To remove yourself from our list of people that we contact, please click here. Security Policy is SECURE. Rest assured that any personal information you enter on our website will be safe too. So order online, and take advantage of our web only discount. (10% on orders over $100)

Still not convinced? Well you should be. To ask additional questions, chat with an OnlineMetals customer service rep, or phone in your credit card information, call us at (800) 704-2157.

*Secure web sites employ one or more of the major security protocols, like SSL, SHTTP or PCT. The protocol encrypts and decrypts messages to protect them against third party tampering. When purchasing items from a secure Web server, the user's payment or personal information is translated into a secret code that's difficult to crack.