Rarely Asked Questions

...Because apparently our propellerheads have way too much time on their hands. The Frequently Asked Questions are also available.
Name the best guy movies of all time.
  1. Casablanca - Guys in a bar with witty dialogue, way before West Wing ever came along.
  2. The Godfather - Cliffs Notes for Machiavelli.
  3. Raiders (I or III) - No comment necessary.
  4. Jaws - Guys on the water, looking for a big fish.
  5. Princess Bride - Its got everything: Swordplay, Torture, and Andre the Giant.
What is the capital of Peru?
Will this stainless sheet I'm buying make my butt look fat?
  We may not be the brightest individuals around, but we've figured out that's a question you never answer.
What is the title of the movie whose subtitle is "Or, How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love the Bomb"
  Dr. Strangelove
What was Teddy KGB probably holding in the last hand of the movie "Rounders"
  A pair of aces
What was the Cyberdyne Systems model #101 better known as?
  The Terminator
Which was a better team - the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers or the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers?
  You'd actually think that this was an easy question to answer. I mean, one of our employees was at the game in 1976 where Tampa Bay lost to the Steelers by the then unfathomable score of 42-0. But great teams are a dime a dozen. Look at the Steelers, 49ers, or the UCLA Bruins. Kind of boring, all of that greatness. Tampa Bay, however, outdid itself in its own misery. John McKay, the coach of the Bucs, provided the best comment - when asked about his team's execution, said that he "was all for it".
What was the slightly more famous name of the movie titled "A New Hope"
  Star Wars
In the movie Wargames, what is the launch code that Joshua finally finds?
Dealer has a 6 showing, you've got a 6 and a 5. What is the correct play?
  Double Down
This may be a stupid question, but...
  There is no such thing as a stupid question - just stupid people, who...ask questions
In what famous John Travolta cult hit are all of the clocks in the pawn shop stuck on 4:20?
  Pulp Fiction
Seattle is located on the East Coast, right? ***
  Nope - we're up on the top left hand corner of the map. ***
Really. Are you sure? ***
  Yeah, we're fairly certain about that. ***
  *** - Note - this is an actual conversation with a customer that took place on 5/26/09. Not all of these RAQ's are useless; sometimes you actually learn something.

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