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Antimicrobial Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper and Copper Alloys such as Brass and Bronze have proven antimicrobial properties which destroy both viruses and bacteria within 2 hours of exposure. According to the Copper Development Association, what makes copper antibacterial is when viruses and bacteria meet with copper, they are flooded with copper ions which are recognized as essential nutrients and penetrate the cell. Once the ion has entered the cell it begins to prevent cell respiration, punches holes in the cell membrane, and destroys the DNA and RNA inside.* 


Antimicrobial applications of Copper include touch points such as door handles, push plates, and more. One of the most common antimicrobial copper alloy is Copper 110 due to good corrosion resistance and excellent hot and cold workability.   

*Source: U.S. EPA, CDA

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