Jaw Width: 3 inch

Application: Bends and flattens sheet metal

Folding Depth: 1-3/8 inch

Type: Hand Seamer

Jaw Material: Steel

Capacity: 22 ga. (steel); 24 ga. (stainless)

Length: 9-1/2 inch

Jaw Depth: 1-1/4 inch

Handle Type: Symmetrical

Product Weight: 1.63 lbs.

Notes: Used to bend and flatten sheet metal. Makes uniform bends and reduces metal buckling / bowing between folds.

&The Milwaukee SPEED SEAMER� is forged for durability and longer life. The SPEED SEAMER� also features a chrome-plated head for maximum rust resistance. The SPEED SEAMER� handles feature a symmetrical design for a more comfortable and secure grip when folding metal under-handed and over-handed.

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Dimension Name


Eniteo Vendor ID 1790
MTR Availability No
Custom Cut Warehouse 0

Weight/Lineal Foot

1.9 pounds
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