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This steel is used extensively in the lumber industry for making large circular saw blades. The nickel add toughness and there is enough carbon for good edge holding. There is not enough nickel to make a good shiny layer in damascus. All 8670 is not created equal. Our 8670 has been tested to ensure the extreme toughness. Other 8670 cannot make the same claim. Think of 8670 as an improved version of 5160, extreme toughness and good edge holding. Our 8670 is not laser or plasma cut. There are no hard edges or heat affected zones.
shape Image
Dimension Name Specification
Thickness 0.21
Width 3
Length 11.6
Alloy 8670
Temper Annealed
Production Method Hot Rolled Pickled Annealed
Material Carbon Steel
Shape Bar-Rectangle
Weight/Lineal Foot
2.16 pounds
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