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Product Details, Specifications, and Technical Information

In addition to being conductive, these 17510 beryllium copper bars are non-sparking and non-magnetic, so they’re used in mines and oil rigs, as well as for navigational tools. The beryllium and nickel in this alloy make it stronger and more rigid than pure copper, but not as conductive. These bars are conductive enough for electrical relays, probe pins, and test-socket and modular-jack contacts, while being strong enough for welding dies, plunger tips, and injection-mold nozzles. Even after collisions and frequent use, they maintain their shape, so they’re used for molds and cavities. Meeting RWMA Class 3, they’re recommended when seam and spot welding electrically-resistant material, such as stainless steel. They also withstand extreme temperatures and won’t rust outdoors. This material is produced to ASTM B441.
shape Image
Dimension Name Specification
Alloy 17510
Brand Southern Copper
Material Copper
Shape Bar-Square
Weight/Lineal Foot
0.0151 pounds
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