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Nickel Shim Stock 200/201 Annealed Coil provides an exceptionally corrosion resistant, highly formable, weldable, and thermally/electrically conductive material in an easily machined, formed, and cut medium. It is typically used for support, leveling, fit adjustment, electrical insulation, to seal joints, to adjust valve spring pressure, and for creating shims for your specific applications.

shape Image

Dimension Name


Alloy 200/201
Temper Annealed
Shape Type Coil
Width 6
Max Length 50
Eniteo Vendor ID 1545
MTR Availability No
Material Nickel
Shape Shim Stock
Custom Cut Warehouse 0
Material Specifications

This material meets the following specs: ASTM -B160, ASTM -B161, ASTM -B162, ASTM -B366

Weight/Lineal Foot

1.0 pounds
Please note that this data is to be used ONLY FOR REFERENCE, NOT FOR DESIGN, and by using it,you agree that any decisions you make regarding materials for your project are at your own discretion.

Chemistry Information: 200/201 Nickel

Element Percentage
Ni 99 min
Fe 0.4 max
C 0.15 max
Mn 0.35 max
Si 0.35 max
Cu 0.25 max
S 0.01 max
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