Product Details, Specifications, and Technical Information

This architectural stainless steel has a No. 4 finish and textured finish or it is also called a convex/concave pattern. Fantastic benefits such as scratch and graffiti resistant, reduction of oil canning, increase rigidity, hide fingerprints, defusing reflectivity and increase in strength to weight ratio anywhere from 12% - 35% (Depending on pattern).
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Dimension Name Specification
Alloy 304
Gauge 14
Finish #4
Pattern 6-OM
Brand Rimex Group USA
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Sheet/Plate
Weight/Lineal Foot
0.152 pounds
Please note that this data is to be used ONLY FOR REFERENCE, NOT FOR DESIGN, and by using it,you agree that any decisions you make regarding materials for your project are at your own discretion.
Mechanical Properties
Property Value
Density g/cm^3 8
Ultimate Tensile Strength KSI 85
Yield Tensile Strength KSI 35
Rockwell Hardness B Scale 92 max
Brinell Hardness 3000 kg load 195 max
Elongation % in 2 in. 55
Melting Point °F 2550 - 2651
Shear Strength KSI 56
Machinability % 40
Electrical Conductivity % IACS 2
Chemistry Information: 304 Stainless Steel
Element Percentage
C 0.08 max
Cr 20
Fe 66.34 - 74
Ni 8 - 10.5
Mn 2 max
P 0.045 max
S 0.03 max
Si 1 max
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