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Titanium Sheet/Plate is lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistant. For these reasons, titanium is used in aerospace, medical implants, sports equipment, marine, and motorsports applications. It is also non-magnetic and is immune to salt water. Grade 5 has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than Grade 2 titanium and is more easily welded and fabricated. The grade 5 titanium has been bonded with aluminum and vanadium to create its higher strength. Grade 5 should be used in applications where strength is more important than corrosion resistance.
shape Image
Dimension Name Specification
Thickness 0.016
Alloy 6AL-4V Grade 5
Brand Slice of Stainless
MTR Availability Yes
Material Titanium
Shape Sheet/Plate
Domestic true
Weight/Lineal Foot
0.3744 pounds
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