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Wrought Iron Snap On is 17.5 inches tall, and weighs just over 8 lbs. Wrought Iron is almost pure iron, which makes it soft, ductile, easily heated, easily welded, magnetic, heavy, and with high tensile strength and elasticity. One of the main advantages of iron is that it can be reheated and reworked easily.

shape Image

Dimension Name


Alloy Wrought Iron
Alloy Wrought Iron
Dimension 1 1/2"
Dimension 2 1/4"
Dimension 3 8-1/16"
Dimension 4 17-1/2"
Eniteo Vendor ID 1965
MTR Availability No
Material Wrought Iron
Shape Snap-Ons
Custom Cut Warehouse 0

Weight/Lineal Foot

2.67 pounds
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