OnlineMetals ISO 9001:2008 Information is one of the only companies that offer website based ordering that meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

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In order to make the ordering experience easier for our customers, this work instruction was created to explain the key elements of quality management when customers are placing web orders. It will also clarify the system differences between OnlineMetals and Copper and Brass Sales.

OLM and CBS: Different Divisions, Different Computer Systems

As Copper and Brass Sales' online division for small quantities, we've had the pleasure of working with a number of Copper and Brass customers. With different divisions, come different systems, so quality information that may be associated with your account inside the CBS system will not automatically transfer over to OnlineMetals. We are more than happy to accept any terms and conditions or special instructions, and if there is anything that we can't comply with we will certainly let you know.

If you would like us to review any requirements please send them to our Quality Manager here, or call at (800) 704-2157 or (206) 285-8603.

We understand that contact review is extremely important. When ordering online the power of ensuring that you receive exactly what you want rests in your hands. Please review the following information, which shows how and where to communicate your contract requirements when ordering online.

Referencing Job Numbers and Part Numbers

If job numbers and internal part numbers are required, enter them into the "Customer Reference Numbers" box in Step 1 of your checkout. This ensures that they will be referenced on any packing lists and certifications of compliance you receive.

Special Requirements

Any requirement related to your order can be included in the "Special Processing Handling Instructions box." Whether that requirement is that you need DFARs material, require certifications of compliance, or that you are closed on Fridays. Anything noted in the box will come out on the front of your paperwork when we process your order. If for any reason we can't meet your requirements or need clarification we will contact you.

CBS Referral and Other Discounts

The "Discount Code" box is also found on step 3 of checkout. Look for this box if you are a CBS referral customer or repeat OnlineMetals customer. Any coupon codes or discount codes need to be entered here.

Material Test Reports

If your contract requires that you receive Mill Test Reports (MTRs) request them on step 4 of checkout. Our system will automatically e-mail MTRs to your buyer on the day that your material ships out of our warehouse.

*For more information about Material Test Reports, click here.

If there are questions we weren't able to answer here, please give us a call at (800) 704-2157 or (206) 285-8603. Thanks for working with We appreciate your business.