C122 O60 Round Tube, Coil - METRIC

C122 O60 Round Tube, Coil - METRIC

Copper Tube Round C122 O60, also known as refrigeration copper tube, is an excellent choice for drawing, forming, and heat conductivity applications. Copper round tube C122 is deoxidized, giving it an advantage in brazing, soldering, or annealing. This copper round tube comes as both straight tube and coil and is measured and cut in metric sizing.

Properties: excellent thermal conductivity, excellent forming, drawing, brazing, soldering, and annealing 

Common Uses: plumbing, gas lines, air conditioning, wire connectors, oil lines, heat exchanger tubes, 

Environments / Industries: plumbing, oil transportation, architecture, electrical interior  

This metal is dual ASTM B75/B68 Annealed Certified.

Refer to our "Guide to Copper" for grades, shapes and various properties.

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