304/304L Stainless Angle

304/304L Stainless Angle

Stainless Steel Angle 304/304L is a versatile angle shape commonly used for brackets, bracing, shelves, structural supports, architectural trim, and other parts requiring machining, welding, grinding, or polishing. Type 304, also known as 18-8 stainless, is the most versatile and widely used stainless steel – its lack of magnetism, high corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties make it a good all-purpose stainless grade. Stainless 304/304L withstands rusting from most oxidizing agents, has good machinability, high tensile strength, and good drawing, forming and stamping properties. 

Properties: high corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, non-hardenable by heat treatment, solution treatment annealing, excellent weldability, good machinability, good drawability, good formability, high tensile strength, non-magnetic

Common Uses: architectural trim and molding, structural supports, construction material, framing, brackets, bracing, shelves

Refer to our "Guide to STAINLESS" for grades, shapes and various properties.

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