Cold Finish Stainless Round 321 Annealed

Part #: 12884

Stainless Steel Round Bar T-321 (1.5") contains increased titanium for improved strength and heat resistance, making it ideal for applications in temperatures up to 900°C. Stainless 321 round bar is a choice material in applications involving welding or sustained elevated temperature operations where re-annealing is not practical.

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Material Meets These Standard(s):  AMS 5645, ASTM A-276, ASTM A-479, QQ-S 763

Dimensions Weight/Lineal Foot: 6.0405 lbs
Dimension Name Value
Diameter 1.5"
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    Weight/Lineal Foot
    6.0405 pounds
    Dimension Name Plus Minus
    Diameter 0.0025" 0.0025"
    Material Specifications

    This material meets the following specs:
    AMS 5645

    This material meets the following specs:
    ASTM A-276

    This material meets the following specs:
    ASTM A-479

    This material meets the following specs:
    QQ-S 763

    Chemistry Information: 321 Stainless
    Element Percentage
    C 0.08
    Cr 18
    Fe 68
    Mn 2
    Ni 11
    P 0.045
    S 0.03
    Si 1
    Ti 0.15
    Mechanical Properties
    Property Value
    Electrical resistivity 72 min.
    Magnetic permeability 1.02 min.
    Max operating temperature ºF 1600
    Max operating temperature ºF 1700
    Brinell Hardness 200 min.
    Elongation % in 2 inches 55 min.
    Impact values - Izod -ft-lb 80 min.
    Modulus of elasticity lb./in.^2 x 10^6 29 min.
    Reduction in area % min 65 min.
    Rockwell Hardness B Scale 95 min.
    Ultimate KSI 85 min.
    Yield KSI 35 min.
    Density lb./in.^3 0.287
    Mean Coefficient of Expansion in/in/ºF x 10^6 8.3 min.
    Mean Coefficient of Expansion in/in/ºF x 10^6 10.6 min.
    Melting Point ºF 2550 min.
    Specific heat BTU/ºF/lb (32-212F) 0.12 min.
    Thermal conductivity BTU/ft^2/hr/ºF/ft 9.3 min.
    Thermal conductivity BTU/ft^2/hr/ºF/ft 12.8 min.

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Selected Product: Cold Finish Stainless Round 321 Annealed

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