Copper Tube Round C122 H80 Metric Size (10mm OD x 1mm Wall x 94” Length)

Part #: 23449

Copper Tube Round C122 H80 Metric Size (10mm OD x 1mm Wall x 94” Length), also known as deoxidized copper tube, is an excellent choice for applications that require electrical and thermal conductivity as well as high corrosion resistance. Its alluring rustic appearance and high shine makes it popular for interior use. Its pliability allows for ease in drawing, forming, bending, while its superior durability guarantees lasting use even in the most extreme conditions. Due to its deoxidized content, copper round tube C122 is a choice material for an array of fabrication projects such as brazing, soldering, or annealing. This copper round tube is measured in metric and cannot be cut-to-size.

Properties: strong electric conductivity, excellent heat-transfer characteristics, hot and cold workability, good forgeability, resists mechanical and external damages, ideal for hot forging and pressing, spinning, swaging, stamping

Common Uses: architectural infrastructure, interior design, jewelry design, plumbing, gas lines, wire connectors, oil lines, heat exchanger tubes, gutter downspouts, fabrication by brazing, soldering, and annealing

Environments / Industries: architecture, plumbing, oil transportation, electrical interior, artistry, industrial design

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