Copper Sheet 110 O

Part #: 23560

Copper Sheet C110 Annealed “Soft” (0.04") is very versatile over a broad range of applications. The temper designation O60 or "soft annealed" condition of this sheet makes it popular among jewelry makers, artists, and interior designers because of its high workability and easy formability. Copper C110’s excellent electrical and thermal conductivity are perfect for applications that require the carrying of electric current. C110 copper sheet has good corrosion resistance and forgability; it can be fabricated by coining, coppersmithing, drawing and upsetting, hot forging and pressing, spinning, swaging, and stamping.

General Usage: jewelry, art, masks, interior design, gutters, roofing, electrical components, wave guides, base plates, bus bars, heat exchanger components, blade and ring terminals, power transmission components, automotive spark plug electrodes, auto radiators, resistance welding electrodes, terminals, and high conductivity items for use at raised temperatures

Properties: excellent hot and cold workability, good formability, excellent ductility, good corrosion resistance, forgeable, good fabrication, good brazing, excellent soldering

Industries: residential, industrial, interior design, automotive, art,  jewelry, electrical, plumbing

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Material Meets These Standard(s):  ASTM B152

Dimensions Weight/Square Foot: 1.855 lbs
Dimension Name Value
Thickness 0.04"
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    Weight/Square Foot
    1.855 pounds
    Dimension Name Plus Minus
    Thickness 0.0015" 0.0015"
    Material Specifications

    This material meets the following specs:
    ASTM B152

    Chemistry Information: 110 Copper
    Element Percentage
    Cu 99.9
    O 0.04

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