Cutting, Packaging, and Shipping

Cutting - Rod, Bar, and TubeCutting to length
Our rod, bar, tube, and structural products are cut on Ellis saws - all of our cut pieces, with the exception of the random 10-12" pieces we sell, have a guaranteed tolerance of +0.125", -0.000", meaning that your material will always clean up to the correct dimensions.

Cutting - Sheet and PlateAny width, any length Our sheet and plate items are cut on our AccurShear, a 10-foot monster that turns big pieces of metal into little pieces of metal. It has a digital back-guage, and typical tolerances are +/-.063 (or tighter), on everything from .016" copper all the way up to 1/4" stainless plate.

Shipping - Rod and Bar
As we've grown, our sophistication in packaging and shipping has grown as well. Where we once sent out packages that looked like our kids had wrapped them, we now have a full-time shipping manager to preside over our packages. Almost daily, he repeats our mantra:
The last thing you do is the first thing the customer sees. Make it right.

Rod and Bar Packages Our rod, bar, tube, and structural products are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes with steel end-caps that are stapled inside the tube. We add additional packaging material at each end to make sure that pieces do not move while they are in shipment, reducing the chance for in-transit damage and/or loss.

Shipping - Sheet and Plate
Our sheet and plate items are packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes, or sandwiched between two pieces of 1" cardboard hex material. Depending on the material, we may also include side boards to further protect the material from bending during shipment.This is the way we pack our sheet, pack our sheet, pack our sheet...