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The one-stop-shop for bladesmiths to find hard-edge tool steels, guard and pin materials, inspiration from experts, and resources for beginners.

Profesional bladesmith and knife maker Curt Haaland grinding a piece of steel

I have used Online Metals for a long time for supplying steels (mostly W1 and O1) and other metals and have always been very impressed with the quality control, consistency of the steels, website ease-of-use, and customer service.– Curt Haaland, Free Hill Blades

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If you are bladesmithing using the stock removal method, we recommend 01 tool steel. It is strong, holds an edge, and most importantly it is easy to work with and to harden/temper. If you can't get a hold of any O1 tool steel and you can also use 440C for a stainless option as well.

If you are forging a blade, we recommend W1 tool steel. It is easy to find and easy to work with and handle.