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Machined Surface for Tighter Tolerances

Material AccuRod® Drill Rod Ground Flat Stock Machine Ready Blanks
Tool Steel A2, D2, H13, M2, O1, S7, W1 A2, D2, H13, O1, S7, W1
Stainless Steel 17-4 H900 304 410, 420, 440C 304, 316
Aluminum 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, 7075
Alloy Steel 4140
Carbon Steel A36
Copper 110

Why Choose Drill Rod?

Drill Rod refers to a type of tool steel used in the manufacturing of various cutting tools, such as drill bits, taps, reamers, and dowel pins. These rods are designed to be machined into different types of cutting tools used for drilling, milling, and other machining operations.

Why Choose Ground Flat Stock?

Ground Flat Stock (GFS) refers to flat, rectangular-shaped bars made from high-quality tool steel. These bars are precisely ground on the surface and are used in various industrial applications, particularly in tool and die making, machine building, and precision engineering. Ground Flat Stock is known for its tight tolerances, flatness, and consistency, making it suitable for applications where precise dimensions and a smooth surface finish are critical.

Why Choose Machine-Ready Blanks?

Precision Machine-Ready Blanks are used in various industries for applications that require high dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and consistency. These blanks are made by grinding the surfaces of raw material blocks to very tight tolerances, ensuring that they are perfectly flat, parallel, and smooth.

Why Choose AccuRod®

section with this description: AccuRod® delivers precision bar stock for close tolerance machining applications. As a material supplier with in-house centerless grinding capabilities, Boston Centerless provides centerless ground bar with the most consistent diameter tolerance, roundness, and straightness in the industry.