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Marine Grade Metals

We carry a wide range of marine metal products in numerous shapes, alloys, and cut-to-size pieces. What makes these the best metal for salt water, and other wet environment applications, is that they are all alloys with exceptional corrosion resistance.

These marine materials can be used in boat hull fabrication, parts manufacturing and repair, and fishing gear, as well as in the construction of marine facilities such as docks. Metals ranging from beautiful brass bars to hard-working beryllium can be just what’s needed to fit your marine project.

Shop Marine Grade Aluminum

Many sport fishing as well as commercial vessels are fabricated from marine grade aluminum sheet metal, while aluminum fittings and fasteners are easily machined. When workability, strength and corrosion resistance are top factors marine grade aluminum 5052 is one of the most commonly used alloys, however, 6061 is also a cost-effective solution with slightly less durability.

In addition to sheet/plate that is suitable for boats, marine grade aluminum I beams are easy to work with and make an excellent option for structural applications. We offer the widest of variety of marine grade aluminum shapes and alloys online, for any maritime fabrication need.

Shop Marine Grade Beryllium

Valued for its strong wear-resistance and non-magnetic and non-sparking properties, Beryllium Copper is the most commonly used metal in underwater telecommunications applications. This durable metal has high corrosion resistance for marine applications, while also being a thermally/electrically conductive metal.

Our marine grade beryllium copper alloy options include 172, 173 and MoldMAX HH.

Shop (Marine Grade) Naval Brass

Marine grade brass is also referred to as naval brass, and is commonly used to fabricate marine fittings, piping and pumps, as well as for use in decorative applications. The naval brass properties include additions of tin and zinc to make the marine brass more corrosion resistant for use in saltwater and other wet area applications.

For highly decorative and durable applications, the specialty Muntz Brass is also a popular choice, also available here in cut-to-size sheet options.

Shop Marine Grade Bronze

Both Silicon Bronze 655 and 954 are good choices for bronze marine hardware fabrication. While both bronze or brass for marine use are common choices, marine bronze is known to be more durable for the long haul and requires minimal maintenance to keep its nice appearance, while also being relatively easy to machine. We offer this hard to find material in a variety of bar shape options, including hollow bar.

Shop Marine Grade Steel

Most alloys of steel are not ideal for marine applications, however one marine grade steel that offers high strength, formability and corrosion resistance is A653 galvanized steel. In the galvanization process a layer of zinc is applied that makes galvanized steel in marine environments a durable choice for use in saltwater or other wet environments. Our galvanized steel sheet is available in cut-to-size options for just the amount your project needs.

Shop Marine Grade Stainless Steel

While there is not an officially named marine grade stainless steel, based on suitability of the application, the material gets this name, including both of the alloys “304 or 316 stainless steel marine grade.” The corrosion resistance and strength of stainless steel make it an excellent choice for fittings, fasteners and structures. Grade 316 stainless steel has the highest molybdenum content, and therefore the greatest corrosion resistance.

We offer a wide range of marine grade stainless steel materials from angle, to bars and marine grade stainless steel plate, with cut-to-size options, as well as new stainless steel fittings.