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Framing Systems - Unistrut and Framing Tech

No Welding, No Drilling, & 100% Reusable

Unistrut and Framing Tech's T-slots are both structural framing systems used in various industrial and construction applications. A framing system is a construction system (hardware, fittings, etc.) that connects building materials to create a structure. Unistrut is a metal framing system that uses strut channels and fittings, while T-slot framing systems use extruded aluminum profiles.

Framing System Advantages

Versatility: Easy adjustment and modification. It can be used for various applications such as support structures, pipe and conduit racks.

Cost-Effective: Unistrut systems are often considered cost-effective, especially for simpler applications. The components are widely manufactured and competitively priced.

Framing Tech / T-Slot

Configurability: T-slot systems offer high configurability. The T-slot design allows for easy attachment of various components, making it suitable for custom and complex structures.

Strength and Load-Bearing: T-slot systems are often designed to provide high strength and load-bearing capacity.

Modularity: T-slot systems are modular, allowing for easy disassembly and reconfiguration. This modularity can be advantageous for projects that may require changes or expansion over time.