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Mill Test Reports

When quality assurance and traceability are critical, Online Metals ensures you are covered with free Mill Test Reports on fabrication materials.

We understand the importance of quality assurance. Online Metals is dedicated to providing our customers with quality materials. Unlike other suppliers, we offer Mill Test Reports (MTR) free of charge with available material purchases. Simply check the Mill Test Report box at checkout on qualifying materials and we will include a free Mill Test Report with your order.

And, if you ever need a second copy or misplace any of your Mill Test Reports, just log-in to your Online Metals account to download a free copy. Digital versions of all your Mill Test Reports are accessible for download through the My Account portal after purchase and remain accessible forever, for free.

Online Metals’ My Account portal makes material purchases easier for professionals, businesses, and hobbyist. Easily track your purchases and access MTRs – anytime, anywhere – for free. Small businesses and professionals can set job numbers for tracking project costs, billing clients, and printing invoices to help improve efficiency and save you time and money. Create your Online Metals account now!

What is a Mill Test Report?

Mill Test Report (MTR) – also referred to as a Certified Mill Test Report, Certified Material Test Report, Metallurgical Test Report, Mill Test Certificate (MTC), Inspection Certificate or Certificate of Test – certifies a material’s chemical and physical properties and states a product made of metal is in compliance with an international standards organization’s specific standards.

MTRs provide traceability and assurance to the end user about the quality of the material and the process used to produce it.

The Mill Test Report typically includes:

  • ASTM and/or ASME standards compliance
  • Specific size, shape, and/or diameter specifications
  • Chemical and physical properties specifications
  • Country of melt and manufacture


Certificate of Conformance:

Some metals don't come with MTR's. Copper C110, for example. In that case, Metal Service Centers create their own "Certificate of Conformance" documents to stand behind the product, and confirm it is what they say it is. Online Metals also provides our own Certificate of Conformance as well. If you have any questions just give us a call at (800) 704-2157

Do I need MTRS or Certs?

If you're asking this question, then you probably don't. They are generally only required for manufacturing applications, particularly in the aerospace field.

How do I request MTR's?

MTRs can be requested by clicking on the MTR box of each line item on the cart page or the final step of checkout.

Request MTRs

How do I get the MTR's?

In order to minimize our costs and keep things as efficient as possible, we email you PDFs of all of your MTRs with your shipment notification.