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Aerospace Grade Metals

We carry a wide range of aerospace metals in numerous shapes, alloys, and sizes, including aerospace sheet metal, bars and tubes. These materials have high strength-to-weight ratios and typically high corrosion resistance. You probably hear the term "aircraft grade aluminum" most frequently, but there are numerous other metals that also fall into the aerospace materials and applications family.

Aerospace Grade metals, also called Aircraft Grade metals or Aviation Grade metals, are typically used for all major components where ASM aerospace specification metals are required, such as airplanes, helicopters and spacecraft. Additionally, smaller, high stress components in the automotive and firearm industries may be made from aerospace metals.

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A modern aircraft frame is typically 80 percent aerospace aluminum by weight. Aerospace aluminum products in aircraft and spacecraft include wings, fuselages and machined parts. Complex shapes may be forged, cast or made from aerospace aluminum extrusions. Aluminum alloys consistently out-perform other materials in strength-to-weight ratios as well as cost.

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While not the most prevalent material used in aerospace, largely due to the weight and surface corrosion characteristics, aerospace steel bar can be found in many manufactured aircraft components. Aerospace steel tubes are also used for structural elements in aircraft bodies. Alloy 4130 is the most commonly used aerospace steel due to the extra hardness of this metal.

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The range of Nickel alloys used in aerospace represents alloys that provide extremely high resistance to corrosion and heat. With both high mechanical strength as well as formability and weldability, these nickel alloys in aerospace are used in a vast range of parts and components that can be made from our Nickel bar and Nickel sheet metals.

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The high temperature tolerance and incredible corrosion resistance of this material is largely what makes stainless steel in aerospace applications such a popular choice. Although the material is much heavier than a number of the alternatives, aerospace stainless steel is a great choice for parts that will be subjected to high stress and impact, such as landing gear and exhaust components. A range of stainless steel materials are ideally suited to aerospace applications, including the range of Inconel alloys.

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The push for lighter, yet stronger, and more fuel-efficient aircraft, from personal and commercial planes to helicopters, is one reason that titanium in aerospace applications is so popular. The Titanium aerospace applications range from engine parts to frames and landing gear. Aerospace titanium alloys can withstand extreme temperature ranges from subzero to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal performer on earth and in space.