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Online Metals Video Collection

More than just entertainment, our video collection also offers information about products, using our website and working with fabrication materials. Check back often for more easy-to-use videos, as we update this page regularly!

Made With Metals

“Made With Metals” is a new series by Online Metals dedicated to shining a spotlight on makers, doers, and fabricators that take raw materials and turn them into real possibilities.

Made With Metals Series Intro

Video Duration 1:00

Fabricating a Forever Sprinter Van Roof Rack

Video Duration 6:21

Welding a Woven Brass Motorcycle Rack

Video Duration 6:15

Transforming Steel Into a Timeless Model Cabin

Video Duration 6:25

Materials Talk

Materials Talk is a series where we talk about our materials, applications for those materials, and how they can be used to help build the future!

Guide to Melting Points

Video Duration 3:15

Guide to Alloy Steel

Video Duration 2:19

Guide to Understanding Steel

Video Duration 5:28

Guide to 2000 Series Aluminum

Video Duration 2:27

Guide to 3003 & 5052 Aluminum

Video Duration 1:43

Guide to 6000 Series Aluminum

Video Duration 2:25

Guide to 6262 & 7075 Aluminum

Video Duration 1:54

The Protobox Explained

Video Duration 2:40

Looking for a quick weekend project or inspiration for something new? Check-out these quick videos for project ideas working with metals and plastics.

How To Build an I-Beam Monitor Stand

Video Duration 1:06

Make Metal Coasters – Quick and Easy, Tool-Free DIY Project

Video Duration 6:15

Making a Magnetic Dartboard: Elements of Ingenuity

Video Duration 2:30

How To Make a Perforated Aluminum Sheet Clock

Video Duration 6:00

How To Make a Mirrored Stainless Steel Clock

Video Duration 4:47

Make a Carved Pumpkin with Metal Scrap Accents

Video Duration 2:19

LED with Remote Activated Backlight and Acrylic Sheet Project

Video Duration 0:38

Inside Online Metals

Learn more about the processes, culture, and people behind your Online Metals experience.

What Will You Make?

Video Duration 2:20

20 Years of Online Metals

Video Duration 1:47

Welcome to Online Metals!

Video Duration 1:26

Advancing Our Technology

Video Duration 0:59

Shipping Orders at Online Metals

Video Duration 0:53

Get tips on how to use our website, where to find your account information and more. Also, learn about new features, functions and services we offer to make your ‘making life’ better!

Web Walk-Through | Material Selector

Video Duration 2:00

Web Walk-Through | Dimension Filters

Video Duration 1:49

Web Walk-Through | Product Guides

Video Duration 1:42

Web Walk-Through | Creating An Account

Video Duration 0:52

Web Walk-Through | Adding Addresses

Video Duration 0:49

Web Walk-Through | Adding Payment Methods

Video Duration 0:49

Web Walk-Through | Order History

Video Duration 0:48

Web Walk-Through | Requesting Quotes

Video Duration 1:43

Web Walk-Through | Order Placement

Video Duration 1:31