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More than just entertainment, our video collection offers a high-level overview of some of our top-selling materials, onsite web walkthroughs, and of course, some awe-inspiring builds in our series exclusive video series "Made with Metals.

Featured Video: Planetary Vault Door (6:12)

“Made With Metals” is a new series by Online Metals dedicated to shining a spotlight on makers, doers, and fabricators that take raw materials and turn them into real possibilities.!

Made With Metals Series Intro

Video Duration 1:00

Fabricating a Forever Sprinter Van Roof Rack

Video Duration 6:21

Welding a Woven Brass Motorcycle Rack

Video Duration 6:15

Transforming Steel Into a Timeless Model Cabin

Video Duration 6:25

Seismic Data Music Box

Video Duration 6:03

Fascinating Fractal Art

Video Duration 5:55

Planetary Vault Door

Video Duration: 6:12