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Each piece in this pack is 4" x 4", and comes with the following thicknesses: 26 ga. (0.016"), 22 ga. (0.025"), 18 ga. (0.04"), 14 ga. (0.063")

Brass Sample Pack Sheet 260 offers an inexpensive way to make sure you get the correct material for your project. 260 is strong, corrosion resistant, easily machined, and is also the most ductile of the yellow brasses. It can be easily polished though it shouldn't be brazed due to the high zinc content. 260 is typically used in architecture, electrical parts, fasters, radiator components, decorative hardware, and ammunition casings.

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Dimension Name Specification
Alloy 260
Shape Type Sheet
MTR Availability No
Material Brass
Shape Sample Pack
Custom Cut Warehouse 0
Pack Thicknesses 26 ga. (0.016"), 22 ga. (0.025"), 18 ga. (0.04"), 14 ga. (0.063")
Weight/Lineal Foot
1.0 pounds
Please note that this data is to be used ONLY FOR REFERENCE, NOT FOR DESIGN, and by using it,you agree that any decisions you make regarding materials for your project are at your own discretion.
Mechanical Properties
Property Value
Density g/cm^3 9
Ultimate Tensile Strength KSI 62
Rockwell Hardness B Scale 70
Brinell Hardness 500 kg load 110
Yield Tensile Strength KSI 52
Melting Point °F 1680 - 1750
Elongation % in 2 in. 23
Shear Strength KSI 40
Machinability % 30
Electrical Conductivity % IACS 28
Chemistry Information: 260 Brass
Element Percentage
Cu 70
Zn 30
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