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Product Details, Specifications, and Technical Information

C10100 Oxygen-Free Copper, known for its exceptional purity, is highly sought after in various industries due to its impressive electrical and thermal conductivity properties. The absence of oxygen results in a metal that is not only highly resistant to hydrogen embrittlement but also exhibits excellent ductility and malleability. This makes C101 Oxygen-Free copper preferred among electrical, automotive, and telecommunications professionals.
shape Image
Dimension Name Specification
Thickness 0.375
Width 1
Alloy 101
Temper H02
Production Method Extruded
DFAR true
Brand Southern Copper
MTR Availability Yes
Material Copper
Shape Bar-Rectangle
Domestic true
Specs: ASTM ASTM B187
Please note that this data is to be used ONLY FOR REFERENCE, NOT FOR DESIGN, and by using it,you agree that any decisions you make regarding materials for your project are at your own discretion.
Mechanical Properties
Property Value
Brinell Hardness 500 kg load 74
Elongation % in 2 in. 14
Ultimate Tensile Strength KSI 44
Yield Tensile Strength KSI 36
Density g/cm^3 9
Rockwell Hardness B Scale 40
Melting Point °F 1980
Electrical Conductivity % IACS 100
Shear Strength KSI 26
Machinability % 20
Chemistry Information: 101 Copper
Element Percentage
Cu 99.99 min
O 0.0005 max
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