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Product Details, Specifications, and Technical Information

This Rotary Tumbler is perfect for polishing, post processing, and cleaning parts after sintering. Capacity: 3L / 3kg Size: 150mm D x 180mm W Barrel with an 80mm D opening Modes: Switch between unidirectional and bidirectional Power: 110v 45w What's Included: Rotary tumbler, polycarbonate tumbler barrel How To Use: Load the tumbler with Stainless Steel Tumbling Media, add water, sintered part(s), and 15-20 drops of Tumbling Liquid. Let tumble for 30 - 60 minutes minimum for best results.
shape Image
Dimension Name Specification
Brand The Virtual Foundry
Shape Polishing Accessory
Domestic false
Weight/Lineal Foot
8.0 pounds
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