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Maker Camp 2022: DIY Tomahawks & Steak Flippers

Welcome to the second annual "High Caliber Camp" - an exhilarating journey into the world of blacksmithing! Once again, a group of enthusiastic novice blacksmiths gathered at Austin's shop for an unforgettable weekend of hands-on learning. Guided by skilled artisans, they immersed themselves in the ancient art of forging Tomahawks and Steak Flippers. Amidst the sparks and clanging of steel, these campers not only honed their skills but also formed lasting bonds with like-minded individuals. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of "High Caliber Camp" and highlight the DIY projects that were crafted. 

DIY Tools Needed

To make your Tomahawk & Steak Flipper, you will need the following tools:

  • Forging Hammer: Used to shape and manipulate the metal during the forging process.
  • Anvil: A sturdy surface on which the metal is shaped and forged.
  • Forge: A high-temperature furnace or hearth to heat the metal for forging.
  • Tongs: Used to safely hold and manipulate the hot metal while forging.
  • Grinder: For smoothing and refining the rough shape.
  • Chisels and Files: For detailing and shaping the blade and handle.
  • Heat Source: To reheat the metal during the forging process as needed.
  • Safety Gear: Including safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing to ensure safe handling of hot metal and flying sparks.
  • Quenching Medium: A container with oil or water to rapidly cool the metal and harden after forging.
  • Sandpaper or Abrasive Pads: For further smoothing and finishing the surface.

Note: Blacksmithing is a skilled craft that requires proper training, knowledge, and safety precautions. Always exercise caution and seek guidance from experienced blacksmiths when attempting to forge or any other metalwork.

DIY tomahak hero image DIY tomahak hero image

Let’s Make a Tomahawk!

The tomahawk, derived from the Algonquian word "tamahaac," was a versatile tool and weapon used by Native Americans and European settlers. With a sharpened edge on one side and a hammerhead or spike on the other, it served purposes like chopping wood, hunting, self-defense, and ceremonial rituals. Today, the tomahawk holds historical significance and remains popular for throwing competitions, reenactments, and as decorative pieces, embodying a tangible link to our past.

DIY Tomahawk Materials List

DIY Tomahawk Steps

Step 1

Flatten the hammer head and peen into a blade and spike.

Measuring a piece of weathered steel

Step 2

Turn the hickory handle to size.

Measuring a piece of weathered steel

Step 3

Drift the eye to size from each side.

Measuring a piece of weathered steel

Step 4

Glue up the handle with the wedge.

Measuring a piece of weathered steel

DIY steak flipper hero image DIY steak flipper hero image

Let’s Make a Steak Flipper!

A steak flipper is a simple as it sounds, a tool used for flipping and turning steaks, burgers, and other grilled foods while they cook. With its tapered and pointy front to stab and long handle, it provides stability and allows for easy handling on the grill. Whether you're a professional chef or a grilling enthusiast, a steak flipper is an essential tool for achieving deliciously cooked meats with precision and ease.

DIY Steak Flipper Steps

Step 1

First we turn our handles and drill an ⅛ hole through it.

DIY steak flipper step 1 turn the handle

Step 2

Forge a taper on both ends and bend the tip into a hook.

DIY steak flipper step 2 forge the taper

Step 3

Burn the handle onto the shaft and then peen the end over to lock in the handle.

DIY steak flipper step 3 hurn the handle onto the shaft

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High Caliber Craftsman - Owner - Content Creator

After 16 years building custom surfboards and running a surf shop, Austin decided to try his hand at woodworking, metal fabrication and machining. He quickly fell in love with the precision and craftsmanship required to create beautiful pieces of furniture, custom writing pens and tools and shared his expertise through video to document his work. Since 2021, Austin has invited the maker community to a beginner blacksmith camp at his shop called High Caliber Camp and it has been a hit every since.

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