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Episode 2 | The Need For Speed In The Metals Industry

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Quick Episode Summary

In Episode 2 of the Metalpress Podcast, Greg Raece is joined by Jason T. Ray (Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts) to discuss the importance of speed in the metals industry.

More specifically, they dive into how improving the quoting process can turn time-savings into a major competitive advantage. And given the ongoing supply chain disruptions with COVID and trade policies, more and more customers are realizing the risk involved in sourcing parts from overseas.

Listen in on how the partnership between Online Metals and Paperless Parts is empowering humans and organizations to compete and win in the marketplace!

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Full Episode Details

Why time-savings is the only way to compete and win during unexpected supply chain disruptions

  • 0:40 - Intro to Jason T. Ray and Paperless parts
  • 1:29 - The need for speed in the manufacturing starts with faster quotes
  • 3:11 - Defining the opportunity cost associated with supply chain disruptions
  • 5:16 - The misnomer surrounding automation and the impact on human connection
  • 8:09 - Using quoting software as a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • 9:35 - The impact of turnover as more experts and specialists retire
  • 11:02 - Shifting the buyer-seller power in job shops favor
  • 12:04 - Consolidation and its impact on the US supply chain
  • 15:33 - How COVID / the election year upended every single economic trend
  • 18:15 - Time-savings is where your company can compete and win
  • 22:20 - Learn more about Paperless Parts and its mission to make job shop manufacturers better

Quotes From This Episode

“We started talking to job shop owners, the biggest thing we found is that this industry is completely underserved by modern software, cloud-based modern software.”
- Jason T. Ray

“We recently did a buyer survey with over 400 industrial buyers of both prototype and production parts, and over 65% of those people said that they need a quote back in under 24 hours.”
- Jason T. Ray

“You’re bringing the estimator, the skill of the fabricator, the human element, the touch that you call it, and really what you’re doing is you’re giving them the competitiveness of the change of the digital marketplace provides.”
- Greg Raece

“I think over the next 10 years, we’re going to see massive turnover, massive change in the industry as folks start to retire. I think as a product of that change, you’re either going to see new younger owners coming up, taking over the shops, doing innovative things, or you’re going to see huge consolidation across the board.”
- Jason T. Ray

“Today, job shops are stuck in the middle. They’ve got very little power over their customers because a customer will say, ‘Hey, I’m just going to go to the guy down the street.’ ”
- Jason T. Ray

“We have to calculate and bake risk into the supply chain and into our evaluations of costs so that we’re not penny-wise and pound-foolish.”
- Jason T. Ray

“It’s just saving that few minutes 100 times. I tell my team that all the time.”
- Jason T. Ray

In This Episode

Portrait of podcast contributor, Greg Raece

Greg Raece

President, Online Metals

Portrait of podcast contributor, Jason Ray

Jason T. Ray

Co-founder + CEO, Paperless Parts

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