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Episode 4 | Success In The New Normal

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Quick Episode Summary

In Episode 4 of the Metalpress Podcast, Greg and Michelle are back to talk about the crazy transition both buyers and sellers are going through as they adapt to the new normal.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the buying and selling processes within the metal industry—and some of those changes will be here to stay. What will the metal industry’s “new normal” look like in 2021 as the pandemic subside? And what must businesses do now in order to prepare?

Listen in on Michelle and Greg as they talk about the most impactful changes, their barometer on normalcy, and the future of manufacturing!

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Full Episode Details

The positive challenge of transforming manufacturing and our supply chains in 2021

  • 0:36 - Initial thoughts on 2021 and the “new” normal
  • 1:43 - Will buyers and sellers that moved online, go back to the old ways?
  • 5:52 - The Culligan Water Man as an example of the importance of interpersonal relationships
  • 9:30 - As vaccines roll out, what does the return to normalcy look like?
  • 11:00 - The importance of work/life balance and personal barometers of normalcy
  • 14:49 - The political change and its impact on the economy
  • 17:40 - Greg bets on Tariff’s to remain as US increases manufacturing investments
  • 20:38 - Small retailers diversifying their supply chain to lower their costs

Quotes From This Episode

“If [sellers] can figure out how to continue to grow and develop those personal relationships through digital channels, that the buying process is just so much more efficient that ultimately, it’s something that they’re going to see is a benefit and just keep going with business in that new way.”
- Michelle Edwards-Lanham

“My barometer through this entire pandemic has been the general traffic in the city. How quickly can I get from the island on which I live to Downtown Seattle? And so that’s how I’ve been measuring the ups and downs. “
- Michelle Edwards-Lanham

“So I’m actually betting that tariffs will continue. I believe they will continue because they are already helping to establish almost a different type of supply chain where it’s resulting in increased investment in manufacturing right now.”
- Greg Raece

“One business I spoke with recently, actually, I think was a really great success story. They found a tribe of Native Americans in the Southwest that produce beautiful jewelry and other goods. And so they now have this new relationship with this new vendor that does support a domestic industry.”
- Michelle Edwards-Lanham

In This Episode

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Michelle Edwards-Lanham

Ecommerce Marketing Director, Online Metals

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