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Episode 5 | How Metals Can Influence and Inspire

Quick Episode Summary

In Episode 5 of the Metalpress Podcast, Greg introduces Online Metals social media guru Evan VanBuhler to discuss the impact of influencers in the metal industry.

How do influencers fair in a B2B world and what is the landscape like especially in the metals arena? How do people become influencers, how are relationships started, and what is the goal behind becoming a metals influencer?

Listen in on Greg and Evan as they talk about the impact of social influencers, the collaborative nature of the maker space, and what Online Metals has done to build genuine relationships!

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Full Episode Details

The rise of metal industry influencers and the collaborative nature of the maker community

  • 0:30 - Introduction to Evan VanBuhler, our Social Media Guru
  • 1:35 - How do influencers in the metals space compare to the entertainment space?
  • 2:09 - Who are some of the influencers we work with, and what are their goals?
  • 3:36 - Who is driving the space, businesses or makers?
  • 5:34 - Are copycats are a large problem in a maker space? How can makers fight back?
  • 7:33 - What is the sentiment in the maker community? Are they collaborative?
  • 9:12 - What would makers suggest to people new to the trades or seeking a future as a maker?
  • 10:56 - How do these business/influencer relationships start? Where do you look?

Quotes From This Episode

“I think the cool thing about our product is, these makers are taking our materials that is just an inanimate block of raw material, and turning it into something functional or really has endless possibilities.”
- Evan VanBuhler

“I think a good idea for them, as you mentioned to focus on their brand, because at the end of the day, you can take those assets, you can take that information, but if you’re not wrapping it around something large or your personality or your brand, it’s not really going to take off, and it’ll probably make it a lot easier for you to win those battles.”
- Greg Raece

“[The maker space] is a truly amazing place where a lot of different individuals, seemingly in smaller groups, different niches like welding, or machining, sculpture art, but these people from vastly different walks of life connect from across the world and really engage and help inspire each other to push their skillsets further.”
- Evan VanBuhler

“[We are] supporting these artists, sculptors, welders with materials, trying to really be involved in their whole process and help them create full-time. And I hope in the future, we can even continue to build this even more because metals are just metal until you actually build something with them. So, they are a huge part of our reason for existing.”
- Evan VanBuhler

“It’s relatively new for us, and it’s really starting with our business, and how we are already helping others with our fast shipping, just massive portfolio of products and that customer service that really takes it to the next level. ”
- Evan VanBuhler

In This Episode

Greg Raece

President, Online Metals

Evan VanBuhler

Social Media Manager, Online Metals

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